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I absolutely loved the Ginger's Healthy Habits Cleanse.  My favorite part of the cleanse is that it is personalized just for you.  Ginger chose the "anti-inflammatory" cleanse for me. I feel like I eat pretty healthy already, but this cleanse helped me get over my cravings for coffee, wine, and my favorite potato chips. It was only 14 days and it completely kicked all my bad habits to where I felt better mentally and physically.  I loved the Cleanse so much I am purchasing one for my sister for Christmas!  Thanks, Ginger!

Mindy Ann

My experience with the GHH Cleanse was great.  I was nervous at first, but after the cleanse was said and done I can not be happier with the results.  Ginger chose for me the "Juice Flush" with a mix of "Anti-Inflammatory". The best part was learning how to make the power-packed protein shakes every morning that kept me full and gave me energy for throughout the day.  I am off the cleanse now, but I still have the habits of eating better and making it more of a lifestyle change then just a 14 day cleanse.  I am defiantly recommending this to all my friends!  Thank you, Ginger and the GHH team!

Eric Cohn

Ginger’s amazing skin oil and Rose water spray have SAVED MY SKIN!!! I recently have taken a birth control shot and that caused my skin to burst and feel terrible. I immediately started making sure I used the water and the oil every night before sleep and in two days my skin came back to normal! It’s an amazing product, and besides that, it smells like you just left a spa! It’s so relaxing. I told all of my friends about it and they all want it. I’m giving as a gift to all my girlfriends because I completely believe in the product and I love it! Super satisfied!!

I was impressed with my Iridology session that Ginger gave me. I had no idea that was even possible. I made the decision to become vegan, so I contacted the prettiest, most healthy person I knew. If anyone could help I knew it would be Ginger.
 I got super pumped up and changed my whole life around. After my iris reading, and now I knew where to start. I got tips from Ginger to how better my results and tips on organic teas and medications to how to prevent and how to fix some of the health problems I had.

I have followed all of her advice and have been very happy with the changes! I completely recommend it and have done so to many friends that also took the test with her. Everyone’s super impressed and happy.

Tatiana Erse

I did the Prime Cleanse. It was so worth it! I felt amazing during and after the cleanse. Ginger as my coach went above and beyond. She not only change my eating habits and waist line but literally my life. I highly recommend this cleanse. Oh, and the skin care is divine and I continue to buy this.

Janice Martinez

“What I loved about Ginger’s cleanse is that it got me into healthy habits like making a smoothie in the morning or having a green juice every day. I am still following the program, even weeks after finishing the cleanse. I also loved having Ginger check in and keep me accountable.” 😍❤️❤️.

Nichole Blackburn

This was actually my favorite cleanse I have EVER done!  I enjoyed everything I ate (and drank).  I truly loved the encouraging videos from Ginger! I have done other cleanses and swore I would never do them again because I  felt so deprived and miserable.  That is not the case with this cleanse - I felt alive and full of energy(not to mention going down a size in my clothing!  This will be something I do at least once a year from now on, if not more!  Thank you, Ginger!😘

Shay Woodward

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